White Terror

Daniel Schweiser:
White Terror (Switzerland 2006)
90min Beta English / French. English subtitles.
Age limit 15+

Over the past five years, there has been a significant changeover among radical far-right extremists: the veterans are no longer around, either dead or too old. New ideologists are emerging all over Europe, North America and Russia. They do not necessarily shave their heads; they have created corporations, distribution companies, music clubs, magazines, publishing houses, internet sites and they have replaced the old symbols by new ones. With globalization taking a firmer hold and with clear demarcation lines blurring, the hate mongers are rekindling the fires of the past, blowing on their glowing ashes.

In this era of new technologies, the United States and Sweden have been deeply shocked to discover their youth inciting racist violence, which has since contaminated the whole of the Western world as well as Russia and its neighbouring countries. The spreading of racist propaganda via the internet and the growing number of racist books, pamphlets, magazines, CDs, audio and video tapes are reaching an evergrowing audience. In this context, neo-nazi ideology seems to have gained new territories and found fertile ground for their propaganda. For its younger representatives, the past is virtual history where the real cannot be distinguished from the fake; their version of the future looks bleak and threatening. Almost sixty years after Second World War, the United States have become the stronghold for masterminding nazism.

White Terror is the last part of a trilogy on skinheads, hate and racism. Over two years of investigation on the most active extremist groups have revealed their international links from Stockholm to Dallas via Moscow. Daniel Schweizer, director of acclaimed documentary Skinhead Attitude, investigates the forces that hide behind the "White Power" and the "New Racists" slogans.

Daniel Schweizer

Daniel Schweizer was born on 1959 on Geneva. He graduated with dual diploma from Geneva Superior School of Visu-al Art in graphic expression and film-making. Simulta-neously Schweizer began working in the image and sound department for French speaking Swiss broadcaster TSR. In 1982 Schweizer headed for Paris where he continued his studies at the Superi-or School of Film Studies of Paris (E.S.E.C.). He started working as a trainee in the film industry in 1983 and very quickly became second and then first assistant director for TSR and for independent feature films. Today Schweizer is a Member of the European Documentary Network EDN. He lives in Geneva where he has been working as a film director and inde-pendent producer.

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