Screenings at the Tapio Movie Centre:
Entrance ticket 6 €
Festival ticket book (incl. 5 tickets) 25 €

Screenings at the Theatre Monttu:
Entrance ticket 6 €

Festival ticket package

You can buy festival ticket package in advance on Monday 27th of October from Tapio Movie Centre. With the festival ticket package you are entitled to participate on five screenings in Tapio or Monttue xcluding possible special screenings. Festival ticket package has to be changed to normal entrance tickets. Tickets for screenings at the Tapio Movie Centre can be changed starting on 27th of October. Tickets for screenings at the Monttu can be changed into entrance tickets during festival weekend at Kerubin Kuppila.

Remember to change your ticket on time, because limited seats are available.

Single tickets

The sale for single tickets for the screenings held in Tapio begins on October 27th at the ticket sale of Tapio. The sale for single tickets for screenings held in Monttu begings on the festival Friday November 14th. Tickets can be purchased from Kerubin Kuppila.

Festival tickets for screenings in Tapio can be reserved by telephone during Tapio's opening hours starting October 27th. For reservations, please call +358 13 122 238.

There are no age limits to film screenings, unless otherwise mentioned.

Festival locations

The screenings will take place at Tapio Movie Centre and at Teatteri Monttu near Kerubin Kuppila.

Map of Locations

  1. Bus and railway station
  2. Tapio Movie Centre
  3. Levy-Eskot record store
  4. Kerubin Kuppila / Teatteri Monttu
  5. Joensuu Areena
  6. Kellari
  7. Teatteriravintola
  8. Sokos Hotel Kimmel / Night
  9. Amarillo / BePop
  10. Gloria

Info Desk

The information desk, which acts also as a lost-and-found, can be found during the festival at the Tapio Movie Centre. We will answer your questions also at

How to Get to Joensuu

By train:
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Joensuu – Helsinki regular service timetables (, PDF-file)
Turku – Joensuu regular service timetables (, PDF-file)
Joensuu – Turku regular service timetables (, PDF-file)
Regular service timetables for trains leaving from Joensuu (, PDF-file)

By air:


The contact information for all hotels in Joensuu can be found at Karelia Expert site.