Programme and timetables

Thursday 13th November 2008

18.00 Joensuu Areena from 6pm to 12am:
I Walk the Line, Disco Ensemble, CMX, Apulanta
  at Kerubin Kuppila:
Punk quiz
Film Music Live Jukebox

Friday 14th November 2008

  Screen 2     Screen 3     Screen 4     Monttu  
5pm Punk - Tauti joka ei tapa   4pm Ex Drummer   5.30pm Queens of Sound   4pm Kellareista Manskille
Free entry!
  5.45pm My Name Is Albert Ayler   7pm Hell House   4.45pm Working Class Rock Star
Free entry!
  7.20pm The Upsetter   9pm Instrument   7pm Once Upon a Time in Norway  
  9.15pm Skinhead Attitude     8.15pm Threat  
Friday live

Joensuun Areena from 6pm to 12am:
Kumikameli, Pelle Miljoona Unabomber feat. Tumppi Varonen, Hanoi Rocks, Eläkeläiset

10pm at Teatteriklubi: Jesse Live! + Tykki DJ:t

10pm at Ravintola Gloria: Bitter Sweet, Emma Larsson R&B boost

01am at Night: Egotrippi
  at Kerubin Kuppila:
Heavy quiz
Rokumentti DJ's

Saturday 15th November 2008

  Screen 2     Screen 3     Screen 4     Monttu  
2pm Live! Ilkka Alanko   1pm Anita O'Day: The Life of a Jazz Singer   12pm Word Sound and Power   4.30pm Black Metal Satanica

Naamioitu kapina
  3pm Vampire and Tits -
Rocking animation from Finland
  1.15pm Pure Fucking Mayhem

Light in Darkness: Nemesis Divina
  6pm N.Y.H.C.  
  5pm The Harder They Come   4pm White Terror   8pm Oi! Warning  
  7pm Satan Rides the Media   5.45pm Dave Lindholm: Kukkuu ja mä en oo ees sekaisin

I'm Gonna Roll Rokkibändin paluu
  8.15pm Promised Land of Heavy Metal   7.30pm Musically Mad    
Saturday live

9pm at Kellari: Risto, Eleanoora Rosenholm

10pm at Teatteriklubi: Black Magic Six, Aivolävistys, Mullets 'n' Bullets

10pm at Teatteriravintola lasiterassi: Pekko Käppi, Orkestar Bordurka

12am at Ravintola Gloria: Bony Coyotes

01am at Night: Indica
  at Kerubin Kuppila:
Rokumentti-bingo at 4pm
Rokumentti DJ's

Sunday 16th November 2008

  Screen 2     Screen 3     Screen 4        
4.30pm What We Do Is Secret   12.30pm Dub Echoes

Felix Zenger – Early Beats
  1pm Benjamin Smoke    
6.30pm Maradona   2.30pm Heavy Load   2.30pm Respect Yourself: The Stax Records Story    
  4.30pm Havanna Blues   5.00pm Johnny Cash's America    
Sunday live

9pm at Wanha Jokela: Joose Keskitalo & Ville Härkönen, free entry


Changes and cancellations are regrettable, but possible nevertheless.