Up and coming...

The 3rd Rokumentti Rock Film Festival will be held from 16th to 18th November 2007! The new website will be out in May.

Welcome to the 2nd Rokumentti Rock Film Festival!

Last year we had a great celebration of cinema and rock'n'roll. Given that it was only our first time around, the crowd was sizeable and the moods were high both with the audience and the organisers.

This year's Rokumentti Rock Film Festival takes place from November 10th to 12th, 2006, at the Movie Centre Tapio in the heart of Joensuu.

This year, we keep on our tried and tested path: instead of labelling and categorising and heatedly debating what is rock and what is not, we want to find any interesting cinema, old or new, with a strong connection to rock music, music makers or popular culture as a whole.

The programme and timetables are now ready. During three great days You can enjoy 25 rock-oriented movies from eleven different countries. We have punk, rhythms, country, new, old, You name it. The latest updates conclude history of up-your-face music (American Hardcore), best of Reggae (Stand Up For Reggae) and mystical conspiracy theories (Stoned).

See you in November — and until that, keep on Rockin'!

Be a part of Rokumentti Rock Film Festival 2007 and let us know about your own rock music related film, whether it's a documentary or a fictionary one. Contact us at media@rokumentti.com and tell us the details of your work.

The first Rokumentti festival took place in November 2005. You can look at the Rokumentti 2005 here.

The festival is organised by DEK (Digitaalisen elokuvakeskuksen kehittämisprojekti, Project for Developing Digital Movie Centre) and Nuori Rytmi Ltd. of Joensuu Pop Musicians Association in co-operation with Savon Kinot Ltd.

The Project for Developing Digital Movie Centre is funded by North Carelian Polytechnic and the Regional Council of North Karelia together with ERDF and Savon Kinot Ltd.

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