La Sega del Canto

Title: Program

Jan Ijäs: Suuri suomalainen musiikkitrilogia (Finland, 2003)

Production: Janmik-Films Oy

88 min - DVD. English subtitles.

Suuri suomalainen musiikkitrilogia by Jan Ijäs is a film on two bands, La Sega del Canto and Eläkeläiset, in three episodes. Eläkeläiset are, of course, the unquestionable kings of the peculiar but irresistible music style called humppa, whereas for La Sega del Canto the instrument of choice is nothing less but the singing saw.

In this unparalleled music trilogy, Finnish oddball musicians make friends with foreign cultures and execute unbelievable, if not heroical, athletic performances. The first episode follows the adventures of La Sega del Canto on their Hungarian tour. The second is a documentary on the 25-hour-long festival gig that Eläkeläiset played two summers ago. On the last episode the two bands raise eyebrows and blood pressure levels in Germany. This trilogy is, to put it bluntly, impossible to comprehend, and yet so very capturing to watch.

  1. Laulava Saha - La Sega del Canto Budapestissä
  2. Eläkeläiset - The 10th Anniversary 25 Hour Humppa Marathon
  3. LSD Canto mit Eläkeläiset germaanien maassa

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