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Screenings at the Movie Centre Tapio:

Entrance ticket 5 €
Festival ticket package 20 €
Special screenings 8,5 €

With the festival ticket you are entitled to participate on five screenings excluding special screenings.

Festival ticket packages on sale in advance

You can buy festival ticket packages in advance starting on Monday 31st of October in 2005. Festival tickets packages (20 €) are sold in advance at:

Elokuvateatterikeskus Tapio
Café Tähti
Kerubin Kuppila

During the festival week the sale of the ticket packeges in advance continues at above mentioned places until Thursday. On Friday ticket sale continues only at the Movie Centre Tapio.

Ticket packages can be reserved also from Recerved tickets have to be picked up from the Movie Centre Tapio by Saturday 12th of November before 12am.

Festival ticket packages and their exchange into entrance tickets

Festival ticket packages has to be changed to normal entrance tickets. You can change tickets at the Take away-café downstairs of Movie Centre Tapio starting on festival Friday at 10am. Tickets can be changed into entrance tickets during the festival weekend at the ticket sale of Tapio.

Remember to change your ticket on time, because limited seats are available.

Entrance tickets

The sale of the single tickets starts at 4pm on festival Friday at the ticket sale of Movie Centre Tapio. Tickets for the special screenings are also available at the ticket sale of Tapio.

Kerubin Kuppila

On Friday 11th of November Ville Härkönen & Velvet are presenting their new record and will tell about the period in the studio.

The rest of the programme in Kerubin Kuppila will be published later on.


Evening clubs


Evening clubs are held in Moritz, which is located in downstairs of Hotel Kimmel, look at the map.

On Friday 11th of November: Tiktak – tickets 10 €
On Saturday 12th of November: Viikate – tickets 8 €

Tickets for clubs are sold in advance at Levy-Eskot starting on Monday 31st of October. During the festival tickets are on sale also at info desk at Tapio. You can buy tickets also from Moritz Friday and Saturday starting at 21.00pm.

Festival locations

Map of Joensuu
1 Railway station and bus terminal
2 Movie Centre Tapio
3 Levy-Eskot
4 Karjalan Musiikki
5 Kerubin Kuppila
6 Sokos Hotel Kimmel / Moritz

Elokuvateatterikeskus Tapio - Ground floor

Elokuvateatterikeskus Tapio - Second floor


During the festival info desk will be located in the lobby of Tapio in the vicinity of ticket sale. Info desk will be open as follows:

Friday 16:00 - 22:00
Saturday 9:00 - 22:00
Sunday 12:00- 17:00

Programmes, maps and other useful information are available at the info desk. Info desk also will serve as a lost and found desk. If you have any questions please e-mail us at

Arrivals at Joensuu

By train:

Helsinki - Joensuu - Helsinki
Turku - Joensuu - Turku

By plane

Helsinki - Joensuu - Helsinki (PDF)


Sokos Hotel Kimmel (Itäranta 1) has a special offer for the guest of Rokumentti:

double room 63 € (breakfast included)

By phone Tel: 020 4234 663 or by E-mail:
When making your booking, remember to mention your participation in Rokumentti.

Contact information of other hotels in Joensuu area can be found from the website of Karelia Expert Tourist Service Ltd,


Lunch offer at Kerubin Kuppila for the festival visitors during the festival weekend (sunday closed): Salad with desserd coffee for 4 € until 4pm. Café Tähti serves in the Movie Centre Tapio every day from the morning until late evening.