Some Kind of Monster

Some Kind of Monster

Title: Program

Joe Berlinger, Bruce Sinofsky: Metallica: Some Kind of Monster (USA, 2004)

Distributed by Digital Cinema Matila & Röhr
135 min - English.

A rock'n'roll band is about to go nuts. The chemistry doesn't exactly sizzle, and the communication inside the band leaves a lot to hope for. Then what? If the band happens to be the 100-million dollar musical miracle that goes by the name Metallica, the obvious solution is – to hire a therapist.

This documentary was shot over two years, from 2001 to 2003. Some scenes are so Spinal Tap-ish that one can't help chuckling; some others deal with the everyday life of a rock musician in rather a serious and thought-provoking manner. Everyday life in this case, of course, isn't the everyday life of you and me, but the life of extremely rich and famous, where it is a perfectly sensible thing to do for the band~Rs manager to hire a hideously expensive therapist just to stop the band from disintegrating.

It is an unexpected and very brave move from one of the most famous bands in the universe to let themselves to be documented when they are trying to deal with problems of very personal nature.

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