Sirppi ja kitara

Sirppi ja kitara

Title: Program

Marjaana Mykkänen: Sirppi ja kitara (From Russia with Rock, 1988, Finland)

Production: Villealfa Filmproductions Oy

110 min - 35 mm. Russian/English. Finnish subtitles.

This classic documentary is one of the very few ever made on the little-known subject that is Soviet rock music. Just one year before Soviet Union collapsed, the Finnish film crew got an opportunity to do what no Western people had ever been allowed to do before: they brought cameras to seven-day Rockpanorama festival and filmed all the concerts and other events. From Russia with Rock was the first-ever look at Soviet rock and particularly at the bands with a not-so-official view to the Soviet society.

Besides Finland, the film met with curiousity and applause abroad as well. It was screened on more than ten international film festivals in Europe, Australia and the USA. There are performances from ten Soviet bands on the film, the most famous of which is maybe Nautilus Pompilius, which in the aftermath of From Russia with Rock toured Finland and survived until mid-1990s.

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