Sleep Good - Rock Well

Sleep Good - Rock Well

Title: Program

Andreas Haaning Christiansen: Sleep Good – Rock Well (Denmark, 2005)

Produced by Rare Bird
58 min - English.

What happens when somebody from Denmark falls in love with a Finnish band? He goes on, as a matter of course, to make a documentary on them. Andreas Christiansen's film follows 22-Pistepirkko through their European tour, during which the band throws an amazing set of fifty gigs in fifty days.

Sleep Good – Rock Well captures in a fine manner the spirit of a band that has a long and winding road behind them. There are astonishingly beautiful performance scenes, along with bare and bleak moments that truly reveal how playing rock'n'roll really is hard work. Without matching chemistries and good (or just plain weird) sense of humour, 22-Pistepirkko would hardly have managed a 25-year career by now.

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