Rock School

Rock School

Title: Program

Don Argott: Rock School (USA 2005)

Produced by Sheena M. Joyce, Don Argott
Copy source: FS Film
93 min - English

Paul Green School of Rock Music in Philadelphia is far from an ordinary after-school music club for the talented (and not so talented) youth. Green, who modestly calls himself Überlord, teaches the 9 to 17-year-old stars-to-be what the Attitude with a capital A means. This is a school where even a nine-year-old kid can rock like Paul Stanley.

The documentary follows how a group of pupils work hard for their share of rock'n'roll heaven. As a teacher they've got Green, himself like a fallen rock angel, who pushes the kids to levels nobody thinks possible, this way serving both the students' ambitions and his own rock god fantasies. Green saves the kids from the depths of musical oblivion and in the process moulds them into a real band, good enough even for the refined tastes of the audience of Zappanale Festival in Germany.

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