Rock Makers

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Tuomas Leinonen: Rock Makers (Finland, 2005)

Produced by Raja Production
30 min - DVD. Finnish. No English subtitles

Rock Makers is a documentary film on what cultural exchange at the grass roots really means. When a coach full of rockers from Joensuu, Finland, travels to Rockbridge concert at Petrozavodsk, Russia, they pass a border that separates two economically and culturally very different worlds. The film follows how the Finns and the Russians try to make friends with their neighbours and to understand each others' habits. Sometimes, though, there are moments when both the parties have to take a look at their own prejudices and fixed ideas about the other.

The film is full of such delicious moments as the heated negotiations between festival managers Niksu and Sergei (those allergic to bad English, shut your ears here), the home party at Petrozavodsk, and the legendary singing coach driver Lauri Möttö and his memories from the golden age of vodka tourism. Add a generous offering of real Russian festival atmosphere, and you've got a pretty good idea of the essence of this film.

The documentary was shot over the years 2003 to 2005 on several trips to Petrozavodsk. The idea behind the cultural exchange project Rockbridge was to bring together bands from Finnish Karelia and Russian Karelia as well as introduce them to the audiences on both sides of the border. The three-year project yielded several concerts both in Joensuu and Petrozavodsk. The proud fathers of the project are Niksu Väistö from Joensuu Pop Musicians Association and Sergei Zobnev from Myllarit Center of Musical Initiatives from Petrozavodsk.

Rokumentti Festival is proud to present the world premiere of Rock Makers.

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