Rai Rai!

Rai Rai!

Title: Program

Sami Parkkinen and Jaakko Kilpiäinen: Rai Rai! (Finland, 2005)

Production: Raja Production
58 min - DVD. No English subtitles

Rai Rai! by Joensuu's own Raja Production is a documentary, or should we say rockumentary, on masculine love and the grim reality of the Finnish rock'n'roll dream.

Reluctant objects of more devotion than they ever imagined possible, Kotiteollisuus is on tour throughout the country, laughing at and weeping for both their audience and themselves. In the midst of boyish prank-playing and downright mayhem-making, Hynynen, Hongisto and Sinkkonen find themselves wondering at the twisted affair they've got with such things as fame, stardom, and sometimes even with their own personalities.

Rai Rai! is a story that has a very Finnish air about it. There's the ecstasy of a white summer night, there's repentance and hangover, and there's definitely no little of pure demonic delirium, Eastern Finland style.

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