Lords of Dogtown

Lords of Dogtown

Title: Program

Catherine Hardwicke: Lords of Dogtown (USA, 2005)

Distributed by Columbia TriStar Nordisk Film Distributions
109 min - 35 mm. English

Lords of Dogtown is a fictional sister to the documentary Dogtown and Z-Boys. Stacy Peralta, the director of the latter, contributed also to the screenplay of this film that follows closely how a group of teenage surfers developed a revolutionary new style of skateboarding in the 1970s California.

The Z-boys, as they were called, were famous for their aggressive style and supreme street credibility. Because of the way they married almost surreal surfing moves to skateboarding, they became overnight sensations and instant legends. Their conquest of drained swimming pools was, in essence, what we today would call extreme sports.

The Z-boys set forth a completely new form of counterculture, but when the fame grew and hanging out started to turn into a business, it proved to be a hard test on friendship.

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