Lähikuvassa - Rauli Badding Somerjoki

Title: Program

Peter von Bagh: Lähikuvassa (1983, Finland)

Production: Yleisradio
Finnish. No English subtitles.

Legendary Finnish culture and film historian and director Peter von Bagh was amongst the very first who began to treat Finnish popular culture as a serious form of art. His documentary series Lähikuvassa presented for the first time on TV both the veterans of Finnish rock music as well as the young and furious innovators.

When the musicians got the chance to speak about their music in their own terms, they no longer looked like dubious rebels who turn the youth into hooligans, but were appreciated as artists with insight and ability to reflect their work. With his impeccable sense for what's best in popular culture, von Bagh was able to find artists whose impact on Finnish rock music can clearly be seen even in the 21st century.

All the eight episodes of Lähikuvassa are screened at Rokumentti. The artists interviewed are Rauli Badding Somerjoki, Remu Aaltonen, Juice Leskinen, Dave Lindholm, Tuomari Nurmio, Pelle Miljoona, Martti Syrjä with Eppu Normaali and Ismo Alanko with Hassisen Kone.

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