End of Innocence

Title: Program

Timo Halo: End of Innocence - documentary on Nightwish (Finland, 2003)

Record company: Spinefarm Records
135 min - DVD. Finnish. English subtitles

End of Innocence is a documentary film on the life and times of the Finnish band Nightwish, from the very beginning of their career until year 2002 and their fifth album Century Child. The tale is told by Nightwish's founder member, songwriter and keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen while he heats up the sauna at his summer cottage and tries to fix a cranky outboard motor. There are also interviews from drummer Jukka Nevalainen and technician Tapio Wilska, who for their part complement Holopainen's frank and open story of how humble the band's beginnings in a North Karelian smalltown were and how astonishing the worldwide success and fame then have been.

The interviewees relate open-heartedly the growing pains that occurred when the band started to get big indeed and are not shy even of telling about the moments when Nightwish's journey almost ended. In between the interviews there are glimpses of the band's life both on- and offstage. The concert footage leaves no doubt as for the rank in which Nightwish now belongs: they play at festivals, in big concert halls and massive clubs, and the audience, particularly in the Southern hemisphere, goes so wild that only a true rock star can handle their excitement.

Besides Holopainen's ambitious visions, there are more (or less?) sober moments with the band on tour far from home, travelling by land, sea and air, enjoying fame that no Finnish band before them has managed to achieve.

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