Soaked in Bleach

Benjamin Statler: Soaked in Bleach

Benjamin Statler:
Soaked in Bleach (USA, 2015)
100 min. • English • Finnish subtitles
Age limit 12 years
Theme: Reality is not real

Was Kurt Cobain‚€ôs death truly a suicide? The unsolvable myth has been surrounded by discussion and conspiracies for years. Soaked in Bleach is a film that vomits on the truth as we know it, and practically demands that the case should be opened for investigation once more.

This documentary drama focuses on the events taking place a few days prior to the death of the grunge icon. Private detective Tom Grant, who Courtney Love hired to find her spouse, is in the centre of the events. As the investigation went on, the peculiar nature of the incident led Grant to believe that the tragedy considered as a suicide was actually a perfect murder à la Courtney Love.

In addition to its controversial subject, the release of the film itself has been surrounded by conspiracy theories. It is said that Courtney Love has sent demands to cinemas to not screen the film. The wildest theories claim that the earlier autobiographical film Montage of Heck was a deliberate attempt to draw attention away from this revealing documentary. Whatever the truth is, Soaked in Bleach is a credible film which forces the viewer to think whether the iconic death of Cobain should be re-investigated, after all.

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