The New Apocalypse - Mankind's Last Exodus part I-III

Juhan af Grann: The New Apocalypse - Mankind's Last Exodus

Juhan af Grann:
The New Apocalypse - Mankind's Last Exodus part I-III (Finland, 1998)
3 Ă— 60 min. • Finnish subtitles
Theme: Reality is not real

Global warming. The Antichrist. A secret world order. World War III. These are just a few of the themes of the massive The New Apocalypse – Mankind’s Last Exodus -trilogy. Grann’s vision of the future is chilling: This planet and the people on it are facing massive changes with potential ecological, economical and spiritual crises looming around every corner. Will we be able to make the right choices and control our destiny, or has everything already been decided for us?

Is this world real or are we all under a mass psychosis? There is not enough tin foil in the world to protect us from the floods of information provided in these documentaries. Don’t forget to breathe while watching!

The Rokumentti-screening will showcase all three episodes of the TV series: Antichrist, Mark of the Beast, and Conspiracy Theory.

Juhan af Grann is best known for his UFO conspiracy theories, although his career as a director, producer and writer has spanned over decades and consists of all kinds of documentaries. Former Finnish president Urho Kekkonen, the events of the Second World War, and the living conditions of prisoners are just few of the topics he has covered.

Grann’s career in the 1990s focused on UFOs and other paranormal phenomena, which at that time was unheard of in Finland. The topics of his documentaries, new style of dramatisation, and fast editing were confusing to many, and the Finnish media did not treat Grann too well. The reception abroad was a lot more open; Grann’s documentaries gained praise and awards at international film festivals.

The Rokumentti Festival features Juhan af Grann’s works from the 1990s in two screenings.

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