David Robert Mitchell

Under the Silver Lake

2018 USA
139min • English, Finnish subtitles
Theme: Must see before you die
13.11.2019 | Time 20.45 | Venue: Tapio 4 | BUY TICKET

Neo-noir thrill in Rokumentti

Sam (Andrew Garfield) is an intelligent but lazy young man, who encounters a mysterious woman Sarah (Riley Keough) swimming in his apartment’s pool one night. After spending the night together, Sarah disappears. Sam begins an unreal odyssey through night time Los Angeles, trying to decipher vague hints of Sarah’s whereabouts. As he searches for his one night crush, he must delve deep into the conspiracies, crimes and scandals, all abundant in the city of angels.

As the film reaches to the stranger sides of the colorful Los Angeles, it also provides an excellent medicine and eye candy during the bleakest November. Indulge in strange encounters and urban legends, and enjoy the ride!