Dxxxa D (live)

60min • Finnish
Theme: Vankasti vastavirrassa
16.11.2018 | Time 18:45 | Venue: Tapio 3 | BUY TICKET

Dxxxa D is a rapper and an artist who has released about a dozen albums in different ensembles. His music is a combination of spoken word poetry, rhythm, and Finnish hip hop. Dark humour, pondering the oddities of human life and gloomy destinies are central themes in Dxxxa D’s poetry, and they are often connected to sharp observations about the society. Different rhythms, such as the low frequency rumble of a bass, human beatboxing, or stuffy beats from dictation machines are an important part of the performance. The end result is a misty, messy, and hypnotic world, where the listener can’t help but to dive into. 

”Vankasti vastavirrassa” (’Steadily against the mainstream’) is Rokumentti Festival’s own underground music club which brings the most interesting artists of the Finnish alternative music scene to perform at the cinema. Dark, quiet and intimate cinema auditorium offers a particularly spectacular milieu for wonderfully different music!