PMMP - Tässä elämä on

Arto Tuohimaa: PMMP - Tässä elämä on

Arto Tuohimaa:
PMMP - Tässä elämä on (Finland, 2015)
83 min. • Finnish
No age limit
Theme: Rokumentti Selection

There weren€t too many dry eyes when the Finnish pop band PMMP announced that they would disband. Undoubtedly, they are still the favorite band to many Finns, and it€s no wonder: they were a brilliant combination of explosive stage energy, larger-than-life songs and pure humanity.

The team spirit in the PMMP family is strong enough to make you wish they could adopt you. The film takes you to a world where the tour bus is the second home, the sun never sets during the festival summer and a band mate is like an unbreakable rock to lean on.

The documentary was filmed during the band's last two years. It reveals emotions from band practices, recordings of the last album and the final gig. It also gives at least a partial answer to the painful question: why did PMMP have to quit?

This movie will also be screened on Rokumentti tour!
Sat 31.10. 7 pm Kino Kuvakukko, Kuopio - tickets 5€
Wed 4.11. 6 pm Kino Marita, Outokumpu - free entry!
Thu 12.11. 6 pm Kino Hannikainen, Nurmes - free entry!
Sun 8.11. 4 pm Lieksan Elokuvat, Lieksa - free entry!


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