Jason Lei Howden: Deathgasm

Jason Lei Howden:
Deathgasm (New-Zeland, 2015)
86 min. • English
Age limit 18 years
Theme: Rokumentti Selection

High school is hell! Thrash maniac Brodie knows the pain of being left out among a swath of jocks and cheerleaders. But then he meets another metalhead, Zakk. The boys naturally put together a band right away and as we know, playing heavy metal is satanic business. By chance, they come across a mystical book of notations. Whoever plays the songs within is promised superpowers. The temptation is too strong and soon enough, demons are bouncing off the walls and people are ripping their own eyes out. Someone has to stop this flood of pure evil, before all of mankind is doomed.

This heavy metal splatter comedy has enchanted crowds worldwide. It melts your face harder than a hundred scorching guitar solos arriving on the back of a tornado! No fan of horror or metal will leave disappointed. The soundtrack includes the likes of Emperor. Tötal Brütal!


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