Ender – The Eero Ettala Documentary

Jukka Metsäaho: Ender

Jukka Metsäaho:
Ender – The Eero Ettala Documentary (Finland, 2015)
75 min. • English
Age limit 12 years
Theme: Totally Scene

Eero Ettala is a tough cookie. You may remember this professional snowboarder, who started at a tender age of 15, as a member of the Nitro Snowboard team, from numerous snowboard movies, and from numerous injuries. Ettala is known for pushing the boundaries of what’s impossible in snowboarding. He has also dedicated quite a bit of time to getting hurt, but he has always got back on the board quickly, and pushed the sport forward.

Ender is meant to be the last video part of Ettala’s career. Not only is this documentary visually spectacular, but it also showcases the realities of snowboarding, how the sport has developed over the years, and how far passionate dedication can take you. You don’t even have to know anything about snowboarding in order to appreciate the tenacity and drive of these people. As an added bonus, the remaining components of the film are eye candy, good vibes, and catchy storytelling.

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