Body of God

Jouni Hokkanen:
Body of God (Finland, 2013)
69 min. - English

Body modification, tattoos, piercings and branding can function as building material for one‚€ôs identity. Body of God tells the story of how a hidden subculture that was only known to a small circle of like-minded perverts became rebellious street fashion with rock credibility. This is the history of piercing, going from success to success, as experienced by the veterans of the industry.

Fakir Musafar, 83, is a living legend, a master piercer, a shaman and an artist. The founder of the Body Modification movement has dedicated his life to the various ways of modifying one‚€ôs body and soul, from corsets to needle play and meditation on spike mats.

Body of God introduces the central legends of piercing and also their breathtaking life stories. With funding from the muzak-millionaire Doug Malloy, Jim Ward (who joined a New York motorcycle club run by S&M gays in 1967) would go on to further develop the kink culture. The pansexual legend Cynthia Wright makes art with fire and flesh. She has pierced over a thousand people and knows more about the history, methods and motives of branding than anyone else. The watching experience of this documentary is equivalent to a white-hot branding iron: burning, thrilling and cleansing.

Jouni Hokkanen

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Jouni Hokkanen: Body of God

Jouni Hokkanen: Body of God

Sat 16th Nov at 9:00pm Tapio 4