Mistaken for Strangers

Tom Berninger:
Mistaken for Strangers (USA, 2013)
75 min. - English

Mistaken for Strangers is anything but a traditional band pic. In fact, it can be enjoyed by both the fans of The National and of documentaries. While the film was shot during the band’s tour, the focus doesn’t fall on The National. Instead, the spotlight is stolen by the director Tom, the younger brother of Matt Berninger, who is asked to work as a roadie on the tour. However, the constantly filming Tom turns out to be more of a nuisance than a helping hand. Tom, coming across as a dumb metalhead, constantly aggravates the members of the band and a conflict is inevitable – get your popcorn ready.

Matt and Tom are as different as the night and the day. Matt is the responsible older brother and the singer of a popular indie band. Meanwhile, Tom is still trying to figure out what to do with his life, besides making B-class horror movies that is. Tom doesn’t even really like The National, he is much more of a Judas Priest kind of a guy. Still, he yearns for Matt’s approval and would like to be as successful as his older brother. Indeed, behind the hilarious events, in the heart of the documentary lies the relationship between the brothers, and how it miraculously manages to deepen as the movie progresses. This surprise hit of the festival year has left people chuckling all over the Europe.

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Tom Berninger: Mistaken for Strangers

Tom Berninger: Mistaken for Strangers

Sat 16th Nov at 5:00pm Tapio 3