Camp 14 - Total Control Zone

Mark Wiese:
Camp 14 - Total Control Zone (Germany, 2012)
104 min. - Korean, English - English subtitles
Age limit 16 years

Sin VII: The Violation of the Basic Human Rights

Camp 14 is a documentary about the total oppression and annihilation of the human spirit. Almost unbearable to watch, it is a film about the last major bastion of inhumanity where even at this moment thousands of people are denied their basic human rights. Mark Wiese’s partially animated documentary has been screened on many major festivals and has won several prizes, especially in the categories concerned with human rights. It is no wonder. Although Camp 14 oozes despair, you have to watch it. We must not close our eyes.

Camp 14 tells the brutal story of Shin Dong-Huyk. He is possibly the only person that has been born on a North Korean prison camp and has managed to escape. However, a childhood lived in cruel and inhuman conditions have left him emotionally stunted and with a warped view on human interaction. At present, Shin lives in South Korea and works as a human rights ambassador, but he has difficulties in adjusting to his new life. The horrors of his childhood have left his mind irreversibly mutilated. He still thinks of the camp as his home.

With help from Shin, animations, and interviews with two guards, Mark Wiese brings the realities of North Korean prison camps into life. The movie draws a picture of the systematic oppression happening in front of the world’s very eyes. Wiese masterfully weaves his harsh material into a vivid tapestry of life under horrible conditions. Camp 14 will haunt you long after you step out of the theatre, and forces you to rethink your views on humanity.


The documentary is shown in cooperation with Amnesty International’s Joensuu division.


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Mark Wiese: Camp 14 - Total Control Zone

In cooperation with Amneysty International

Thu 14th Nov at 7:00pm Tapio 3