More Than Honey

Markus Imhoof:
More Than Honey (Austria, Germany, Switzerland, 2012)
90 min. - German, English, Mandarin - Finnish subtitles
Age limit 3 years

Sin II: Dominating Nature

It is rumoured that Einstein once said: €If the bees die, the human civilization has only four years left to live€. Millions of bees have perished during the past few years. One of the possible reasons for these mass deaths could be intensive farming with its cultivated species and antibiotics. Is efficiency killing the bees? More Than Honey, a film by the Academy Award -nominated Markus Imhoof dives deep into the mysteries within beehives.

More Than Honey is an excellent production. Imhoof had an exceptionally large budget for a documentary film, two million euros, and it is well spent. In the greatest moments in the film the slow-motion bees, filmed with special lenses inside the beehive, appear as large as mammoths. The camera attached to the flying bees sets new standards for nature documentary, too.

The mass deaths of the bees do not only mean losing honey from the breakfast table. Over one third of all food in the world is produced by bee pollination. The destiny of these small insects has huge effects on us.

More Than Honey is viewed in co-operation with Fairtrade City Joensuu. The Fairtrade requires paying farmers at least the minimum guaranteed price which covers the expenses of sustainable production for both people and the environment. The farming methods of the Fairtrade products protect the diversity of nature. Alternative pest control methods should be utilized in addition to pesticides, and the use of pesticides should be based on established knowledge of the pests and the correct ways to eliminate them. Fairtrade farms are now allowed to use genetically modified seeds or plants.


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Markus Imhoof: More Than Honey

Joensuu - Fair Trade city

Sat 16th Nov at 3:00pm Tapio 3