Andreas Johnsen:
Murder (Denmark, 2009)
51 min. - Spanish - English subtitles
Age limit 16 years

Extra sin: Abortion

An Andreas Johnsen film Murder is about Nicaragua, where all abortions are considered sinful. Getting an abortion in a catholic country is illegal in all cases, even if a woman is raped or the pregnancy threatens her life. The law forces women to visit illegal abortion clinics, where circumstances for the operation are life-threatening ‚€“ for the doctors performing these abortions, as well.

The stories Johnsen has collected are distressing, and the double standards are infuriating. The strictly religious country denies women the right to make their own decisions, and at the same time the sexual abuse and raping of young girls by men is accepted as a part of life. Even the President Daniel Ortega survives without a scratch when he is accused of abusing his adopted daughter. The same man is one of the biggest supporters of the strictest abortion law in the world.

Murder is based on the stories of the women of Nicaragua. Johnsen gets up close and personal with his camera and even visits the illegal abortion clinics. He tries to understand why banning the abortion is so widely accepted among the people. Attitudes are slowly changing, but there is still a long way to go. The Catholic church has a major role in implementing human rights.

Warning: the scenes filmed at the illegal abortion clinics are not suitable for sensitive audience


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Andreas Johnsen: Murder

Andreas Johnsen: Murder

Sat 16th Nov at 4:30pm Tapio 4