Four Horsemen

Ross Ashcroft:
Four Horsemen (UK, 2012)
98 min. - English
Age limit 3 years

Sin IV: Causing poverty

No machinery in the world causes poverty as efficiently as the modern financial institution. The bonuses gained by bankers increase at the same pace as people’s distress, despair and the injustice piercing the entire society escalate. Director Ross Ashcroft’s debut film Four Horsemen looks into the greatest sin of them all: economy.

Four Horsemen paints a clear picture of what went wrong in the global financial crisis that originated from the USA. Ashcroft also reveals how little consequences the ones initiating the crisis, and thus affecting the lives of millions of people, had to face. He does not, however, point fingers or look for conspiracy theories. Under Ashcroft’s direction 23 leading thinkers and rulers have a chance to ponder how to create a better, more equitable world.

This film will open your eyes and make you look at the surrounding world in a different way. Turns out, there is no law that the poor should get poorer and the rich richer from here to eternity.


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Ross Ashcroft: The Four Horsemen

Ross Ashcroft: The Four Horsemen

Wed 13th Nov at 5:00pm Tapio 4